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Attention Rockies fans, celebrate Tony Wolters’ heroics with this T-shirt

Not all heroes wear capes.

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When in doubt, trust the guy who batted .170 during the regular season to keep your playoff run alive. Right?

That’s exactly what the Colorado Rockies did on Tuesday night when Tony Wolters, who hadn’t recorded a hit since September 10, came up to bat in the 13th inning against the Chicago Cubs.

Tony Freaking Wolters, who spent most of the night on the bench before a double switch in the 12th inning, delivered with the game-winning RBI single to give the Rockies a 2-1 win over the Cubs in the NL Wild Card Game.

After producing the biggest hit of his career to keep #Rocktober alive, Tony Freaking Wolters is no longer just a fan favorite who hangs out with Rockies fans at coffee shops. He’s now the 13th-inning hero and a Rockies legend.

The moment has been etched in history.

Tony Freaking Wolters T-shirt for $26

After the epic win, Wolters and the Rockies head to Milwaukee on Thursday to take on the Brewers in the NLDS.

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