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Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley dislike each other as much as ever

Police stepped in to stop the two guards from fighting. This beef is real.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley do not like each other, and the beef stemming from Westbrook’s knee injury in the 2013 playoffs added another chapter when the Thunder and Clippers played in OKC on Tuesday night.

Westbrook finished with 32 points, eight assists, and three steals in the Thunder’s 128-110 victory over the Clippers, and a few of those baskets came against Beverley. On one play, he took Los Angeles’ defender to the rim, then celebrated by rocking an imaginary baby to sleep.

“Yeah you got little kids. You gotta do little babies. Put ‘em to sleep,” Westbrook said of his new celebration after the game. “Put ‘em to sleep. You got little kids on you, that’s what happens.”

Beverley scored on Dennis Schroder in the second quarter, and he returned the favor by rocking the baby while looking at Westbrook.

But things got chippy in the fourth quarter

Westbrook lost the ball trying to take Montrezl Harrell to the rim, and Beverley pounced on what he said was an attempt to dive for a loose ball foul. Instead, his shoulder rammed right into Westbrook’s knee, and he was assessed a Flagrant Foul 1.

The play was a reminder of the one Beverley made in the 2013 playoffs that resulted in the first big knee injury of Westbrook’s career. The two started jawing back and forth afterwards, and the Oklahoma City Police even stepped onto the court shortly after to keep the two guards from going at each other more.

The Thunder went on to win by 18, and Beverley addressed his beef with Westbrook after the game.

“I went for a loose ball,” Beverley said of the play on Westbrook. After the play, he said: “Somebody walked to our bench, doing all that capping stuff. I don’t know what that is, doing this and all that [gesturing fist punching into hand], I don’t know. Things went kind of haywire from there, of course. Two competitors, no one’s gonna back down. No one did.”

Beverley also told a heckling fan, “It was seven years ago, bro. Let it go.” That was in response to the fan’s comment on the play he made on Westbrook in 2013.

This was the play where Beverley tried to go for a steal while Westbrook was dribbling towards the sidelines signaling for a timeout. Instead, he side-swiped Westbrook’s knee, a play that resulted in a torn meniscus for the Thunder guard.

Westbrook and Beverley have had bad blood ever since, and even though Beverley might be ready to move on, Westbrook and the Oklahoma City fans aren’t.

Beverley said he didn’t mean to injure Westbrook on that 2013 play, but it doesn’t matter. The two will be rivals forever, and it’ll be a rivalry we watch until they retire.