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The NFL’s 7 most hilarious interceptions of Week 5

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Ryan Tannehill and Blake Bortles gave us some high-comedy with their worst moments Sunday.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There are acceptable interceptions and there are bad interceptions. Then there are the picks that are so bad that you can’t help but crack up.

Watching good football is fun — and there’s been no shortage of it in 2018 — but there’s something extra enjoyable about how often football delivers bloopers. Week 5 gave us a few of those high-comedy failures from quarterbacks.

Here are our seven favorite interceptions from Sunday — all from five quarterbacks who lost — ranked from the least funny to one so bizarre it’d be extremely hard to do twice:

Eli Manning lobbed up two Eli-esque gimmes for the Panthers

Nobody has thrown more interceptions over the last decade than Manning. He’s a two-time Super Bowl winner, but he’s also had 13 consecutive seasons with double-digit picks. It’s just who he is.

So while neither of Manning’s interceptions against the Panthers were particularly hilarious, they were still bad enough to inspire your point-and-laugh-at-Eli reflex.

Pick No. 1: The first was the kind of footwork mistake a rookie would make:

Pick No. 2: And the second was somehow even worse:

Odell Beckham Jr doesn’t want to outright say Manning is the reason the Giants’ offense has struggled. But he might not be that wrong if he does go ahead and say it.

The Jets’ record-breaking interception return was an exercise in futility

Marcus Maye broke a record Sunday to polish off a victory for the Jets. He probably wishes he didn’t, though.

In the final seconds of a 34-16 win over the Denver Broncos that was already secured, the New York defensive back picked off Case Keenum in the end zone. He took it 104 yards for a grand total of ... zero points.

The good-ish news for Maye: He owns a new record for interception return yardage without a touchdown. It tied the record for the longest ever non-touchdown play that Percy Harvin set in 2011 and Ameer Abdullah tied in 2015 when they each had a pair of 104-yard kickoff returns that came up short.

Also, the remaining clock in the game was wiped clean, ending the game.

The bad news for Maye: Broncos rookie receiver Courtland Sutton was admirably determined to keep the Jets out of the end zone for some reason. What a weird and inconsequential way to end a game.

How very Seahawks of you, Derek Carr

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. Marshawn Lynch could’ve had a 1-yard touchdown, but his offense opted to throw a dangerous pass into coverage instead that was intercepted.

It wasn’t a mirror image of the play that cost Seattle a Super Bowl ring, but the logic behind it might’ve been even worse. This wasn’t third down or fourth down, it was FIRST down. (For the record, the Seahawks’ interception to Malcolm Butler was on a second down.)

But wait a second, you lied to us, Derek.

Carr has been an interception machine so far in 2018. This was his NFL-worst eighth pick. Give Marshawn the ball near the goal line, dammit!

Just don’t throw it to the 310-pound man wearing red, Blake Bortles

Chris Jones seems like he’d be a hard guy to miss. The Chiefs defensive tackle is 6’6, 310 pounds and he was wearing a bright red uniform Sunday. Still, Bortles somehow didn’t see him at all.

The turnover-prone Jaguars quarterback lobbed Jones the easiest interception imaginable on a screen pass. It turned into an easy touchdown too when Bortles opted to faceplant rather than make a real attempt to tackle a much larger man.

Bortles wasn’t done there, either.

Blake Bortles’ bank shot didn’t work at all

Oh. Hi again, Blake. Was Bortles trying to throw a bank shot off a teammate’s helmet? Was he trying to throw low to the middle of the end zone? Was he trying to spike?

Whatever it was, it didn’t work at all. Instead, the pass bounced off an offensive lineman’s head for another Chiefs’ interception.

Let’s get a closer look:

Seriously, what the hell was the goal there?

This Ryan Tannehill pick-six looks like a Madden glitch

Ryan Tannehill has had strong start to 2018, and it continued into Sunday ... until it came to a grinding halt once the fourth quarter started. The Cincinnati Bengals scored 24 unanswered in the fourth quarter to erase a 17-0 lead for the Dolphins.

Andy Dalton got things started for Cincinnati with a touchdown pass to Joe Mixon that cut Miami’s lead to seven, but the rest of that lead officially disappeared when Tannehill threw a pick-six.

But it wasn’t just any pick-six. Somehow Tannehill managed to throw a pass forward three yards and have it pinball backwards about five yards into the arms of a defensive lineman. No seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

Who was Tannehill throwing to? It would seem like tight end Durham Smythe, but why? Maybe that’s the better question. Even though it was a bad decision, that’s an unbelievably bad break for the ball to somehow make it into the arms of Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson.

That’s a level of ridiculousness that would probably make you unplug your game of Madden if it happened to you. And what’s worse is that it was a swing of momentum that doomed the Dolphins. That makes it easily deserving of the top spot on the list.