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Howdy, here’s the Sooner Schooner draggin’ a feller around the field

The flag bearer’s job is a risky one, and this was proven to be the case in Bedlam.

The Sooner Schooner is one of college football’s many delights. Part of that is because of tradition, and part of that comes because of things like THIS flag bearer on the Schooner who is hanging on for his life:

The flag bearer usually hangs by his legs off the back of the Schooner. That’s not unusual. But let’s run through the tape of this gentleman nearly getting trampled in a Schooner Stampede because of a lack of leg security this time around.

Another person on the Schooner’s got him by the ankles, and he’s off the ground.

Things are going as well as they could be. He’s not getting serious field burn by dragging on the surface. But that’s not a good position for our flag bearer.

OK, now he’s dragging on the field.

Not nearly as great, but still hanging on by a thread at least!

Oh goodness he’s only got him by one leg now.


He’s fine!

At least he’s got a good story to tell now? Right?

Bedlam’s got plenty of offense, and then some. Some, of course, being Schooner mishaps.