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The Big 12 stole the show with three of Saturday’s wildest and greatest games

Plus a bunch of other fun things from Week 10 in college football, including Kentucky’s linebackers playing with giant clubs on their hands and a 95-YARD PUNT.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama vs. LSU didn’t live up to the Game Of The Century, Of The Year status it got before it actually happened, and for the sake of a good Saturday of games, it didn’t really matter. That’s because the Big 12 gave us a few gems in the afternoon and evening.

There were plenty of points, late scores, and unsportsmanlike penalties that help make a college football Saturday complete. It was highly Big 12.

In Austin, West Virginia and Texas played the most entertaining game. The Mountaineers were able to edge out a 42-41 win.

Let’s just go through some numbers from this one:

  • The teams combined for 1,098 total yards (WVU 578, Texas 520).
  • Both Will Grier and Sam Ehlinger eclipsed 340 yards and three touchdowns. Grier and Ehlinger also both averaged over 12 yards per completion (so, you know, a first down per toss, basically).
  • Both teams ran exactly 75 plays.
  • There were nine lead changes.

Down 41-34in the fourth with just seconds remaining, Grier hit Gary Jennings with a pretty touchdown pass. It was a moment worthy of one of Gus Johnson’s signature explosions on the Fox broadcast. Gus was absolutely in orbit:

Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen immediately decided to go for two — actually, he said he’d decided earlier — and it worked like a charm. Grier cruised into the end zone in Vince Young 2006 Rose Bowl-style for the win.

That was on WVU’s second attempt at a two-pointer, after Tom Herman had called timeout before a conversion seconds earlier. It was part of a long day of icing adventures for Herman, who spotted WVU three crucial points by calling a timeout before the Mountaineers missed a field goal right before halftime. They then made it.

After the decisive two, Grier made sure to flash a Horns Down at the home crowd:

Horns Down, the go-to dig at Texas Longhorn athletics, is apparently being penalized nowadays! This is despite nothing in the unsportsmanlike conduct rule that the gesture should automatically fall under. West Virginia was called for it twice on Saturday.

Holgorsen claimed after the game that he checked with refs pregame to see if Horns Down would be fair game, and expressed his disappointment:

At least it didn’t hurt his team in the end. Hopefully the Big 12 has its referees reconsider how they call that simple gesture that’s meant in good fun.

Anyway, that’s not how Ehlinger sees it:

Oklahoma State-Baylor drew little hype but had its own great ending.

Of all of the Big 12 games that ended up being Good, this might not have been one you would have expected. Neither team’s in the conference title race, after all.

And it wasn’t a huge box score stuffer. At least not from the quarterbacks, who, you know, tend to put up massive numbers in prototypical Big 12 games.

Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer couldn’t help that part, because he didn’t play the first three quarters of the game. Brewer was in concussion protocol in the early part of the week, giving Jalan McClendon the start. However, it was Brewer who led Baylor to two consecutive touchdowns, including the game-winner to Denzel Mims with seven seconds left:

This is one of those “better late than never” situations, as long as Brewer’s healthy.

Oklahoma beat Texas Tech in another scoring extravaganza.

We’ve been hearing a lot about that record-setting 2016 matchup between these two teams of late. That’s because the quarterbacks in that one — Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield — play each other this NFL Sunday.

Saturday’s matchup between the Sooners and Red Raiders wasn’t the offensive clinic that that matchup was, but there were still a combined 97 points. Kyler Murray got off to a rough start by throwing a pair of picks to Vaughnte Dorsey, but beyond that, Oklahoma looked pretty damn good.

Things got really fun in after Texas Tech pulled to within two with six minutes to go. On the two-point conversion, the Red Raiders tried a reverse receiver pass that went 106 yards the other way:

This one wasn’t really put to rest until Trey Sermon’s 30-yard touchdown with 2:51 left to make it a 51-40 Oklahoma lead, after the Sooners spent a lot of time trailing:

Oh, and this also happened late:

The Sooners have games against Oklahoma State and Kansas left, before they wrap up the season in Morgantown against West Virginia. That’s going to be fun.

Thank you, Big 12, for living up to the hype that the SEC’s two big games couldn’t match.

Let’s run through more fun stuff from Week 10 in college football, either to catch you up or reminisce together.

This is the worst kickoff you’ve ever seen.

Nebraska gave Ohio State a scare, but that’s not the highlight of the 36-31 Buckeye victory. It was this kickoff by the Cornhuskers’ Caleb Lightbourn.

On what appeared to be an attempted onside kick, this happened:

Luckily for Nebraska, Ohio State didn’t capitalize. Well, at least not immediately. After turning the ball over on downs in four plays, Ohio State blocked a Nebraska punt and got a safety out of it. There were further shenanigans, and Nebraska still almost won.

LSU’s best performances on Saturday came from meme-worthy moments by fans.

We present to you the Unamused LSU Fan, as the Tigers were down 22-0 in what became a 29-0 loss:

It was a constant mood throughout the evening. LSU were 14.5-point underdogs at home, and Alabama was able to double that. So much for our big game!

There was also this guy, and that middle finger.

We’ve not only got our LSU fan breaking the fourth wall, but there’s a middle finger in there too for good measure.

You’ll note the score there was 6-0 Alabama. We like to call those “simpler times.”

There was also this photo of Ed Orgeron.

I’m not certain what’s happening here, but it’s good.


Kentucky had two linebackers playing with a giant clubs on their hands.

The Wildcats didn’t put up much of a battle in their 34-17 loss to Georgia, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have things worth watching.

Kash Daniel (great name for an SEC linebacker, btw) broke his hand a few weeks back against Vanderbilt, and has been playing through the injury via club. Take a gander:

There are some nice screws holding that bad boy together as well:

In case you’re curious about the composition of the accessory, Daniel described it to CBS affiliate WYMT before their game against Missouri last weekend:

“All it is really is just a bunch of foam, with a cast underneath layers and layers of foam,” the Paintsville native said last week before the Wildcats’ game against Missouri. “I’ve played through broken ribs, hip pointers, back issues, I’ve played through about everything but with like this, a club, no I haven’t.”

Another UK linebacker, Jordan Jones, also sported a club on his hand (Mark Stoops called them the Q-tip brothers during the week) after the junior broke his hand in practice this past Wednesday:

Unfortunately for Kentucky, the clubs couldn’t bring them luck, and Georgia’s going to play Bama in the SEC Championship Game.

This D-III punter had a 95-YARD PUNT.

Heidelberg’s Austin Baker snapped an NCAA Division III record with a 95-yard punt in their game against John Carroll:

The ball actually traveled 104 yards or so from foot to end zone. Ridiculous, I know.

He told our Alex Kirshner that the field and playing conditions helped the booming punt, which wasn’t his intention:

“I think the biggest goal would be to get it past midfield. If you get it past midfield with little return, or even if they do catch it, they get no return out of it and they fair catch it, as long as it’s past the 50, I think you’re giving your defense a better opportunity prevent a score.”

The ball landed at the 35 — well past where Baker figured it would go — and then bounced forever on the field’s artificial turf.

The only way this could have been better, is if Heidelberg would have been able to pin John Carroll at the one. Which, they almost did!

Either way, that’s a damn good punt.

Duke and Miami played on a field of water, basically.

Miami beat duke 20-12 in a South Florida monsoon. I’m just going to throw some images here for you to gaze at, because they’re spectacular.

Duke v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images
NCAA Football: Duke at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Duke v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Good luck to the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, who get to play on this field Sunday afternoon. I can’t imagine that’s going to be a fun field to play on after all of that water and 60 minutes of major college football. Also, Miami’s 5-7 in its last 12.

Color coordination isn’t always a good thing.

A little communication goes a long way, y’all. These things don’t need to happen.