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Michael Thomas went full Joe Horn and brought out a flip phone to celebrate his TD

This is the celebration the world needed after the NFL loosened up its rules.

Michael Thomas is one of the best wide receivers in the league, and had the best celebration of the season late in the fourth quarter in the Saints’ 45-35 win over the Rams.

Thomas burned the Rams’ secondary for a touchdown, and reached under the goal post. Out came a flip phone, where he mimicked Joe Horn’s legendary celebration from 2003:

Thomas’ uncle, Keyshawn Johnson, tweeted a photo of himself on the phone with his nephew’s jersey on:

That’s a good uncle!

Here was the iconic celebration from Horn against the Giants 15 years ago:

Horn also had a legendary quote after the game:

“I had told my kids to be at home, watching the game, and I told my momma, ‘Mom, if I score the second one, I’m going to get my cell phone out,’ “ Horn said.

It’s also worth reminding everyone how Michael Strahan was Big Mad about it:

“I have great respect for Joe Horn, but that’s not original,”New York defensive end Michael Strahan said. “Terrell Owens already beat everybody to that stuff. That’s bush league.”

He didn’t like Thomas’ tribute, either:

The NFL’s come a long way since then. In 2017, the league loosened up penalties on celebrations. However, Thomas was still flagged for his flip phone tribute to Horn.

Joe Buck, who has been known to show disgust at harmless celebrations, called out Thomas for the celebration at the end of the game. Buck said, “But other than the Joe Horn impersonation by Michael Thomas with the cell phone, this was a really good day for New Orleans.”

It was a BETTER day for New Orleans because of the cell phone celebration.

Thomas told Fox’s Erin Andrews after the game, “I had it planned, obviously, because it was under the thing and I said I’d wait til the fourth quarter and not hurt my team and put the game away and that’s what I did so thank God.”

And when Thomas says he had it planned, he really had it planned.

Respect to Thomas for bringing back a signature moment in one of the biggest games of the NFL season. Football is a game, it should be fun, and recreating something like that is cool.