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11 questions about the dude who proposed during the NYC Marathon

Bruh. She’s BUSY.

The New York City Marathon, AKA the most heart-warming parade of humanity (besides the Halloween parade in the Village) happened this weekend. Personal records were set, tears were shed, pants were pooped. It was a joy.

A joy for most, that is, who didn’t have to witness the selfish atrocity of a guy stopping his girlfriend’s sports milestone to propose MIDWAY through her race.

According to CBS News:

Kaitlyn Curran, a nurse, was hitting mile 16 of her first marathon when her firefighter boyfriend of four years Dennis Galvin hopped over the barrier and went down on one knee.

Kaitlyn seems ... happy, and we at SB Nation are for that. But as an expert internet sports watcher, I was frustrated AF watching this guy stop a lady from doing a very hard sports thing to have his moment. Other ladies felt my consternation.

While getting engaged remains both a privilege and confounding decision for many (or just a very bad idea, if you’re doing it on a JumboTron or on a Kiss Cam) this particularly maddening example put me through a slalom of rage-filled questions:

  1. In the MIDDLE of the race, tho?
  2. How did he not have a single person in his circle to tell him it was a terrible idea?
  3. Doesn’t he know that running a marathon is really difficult?
  4. Did he discuss this with her beforehand?
  5. Did he not witness her presumably training for this grueling athletic feat for months?
  6. Why didn’t cops rush him for jumping the barricade?
  7. Why didn’t he just WAIT UNTIL SHE WAS DONE?
  8. Was the ring properly sized, or did she have to spend the rest of the race minding loose jewelry?
  9. Could he have given her some water or Gu energy gel? Taken her sweatshirt? Be of some real help in any damn way?
  10. OK, could she have finished a sub-4-hour marathon if not for this distraction and time wasting?
  11. Why couldn’t he just let her SPORTS?

Congratulations to the happy couple. But y’all — don’t do this.