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Bulls-Thunder fight: Kris Dunn shoved Russell Westbrook, then all hell broke loose

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It’s the WWE on a basketball court.

They say it’s the NBA, where amazing happens. Maybe it’s more like the NBA, where hands get thrown.

That was the case when the Bulls and Thunder threw down on Monday night. First Kris Dunn shoved Russell Westbrook. Then Jerami Grant came to Westbrook’s aid and got in Dunn’s face, so Dunn elbow shoved Grant in retaliation. Then came Robin Lopez, who walked Grant down into the first row of the sidelines and had to be restrained.

It was something you’d see in the WWE, except it was on a basketball court, in the middle of a game.

Somehow, some way, Bulls head coach Jim Boylen got involved. He ended up separating a Thunder player from the scuffle — by the shoulder-neck area.

But from this angle, it looks like Boylen is trying to save Grant from a Lopez whooping:

There was also Steven Adams, who neutralized Lopez by calmly grabbing and holding onto his forearm.

“What did I get myself into now?” Paul George made an appearance:

There’s no real bad blood between these two teams, so it’s unclear how things escalated to this point. The Bulls are bad, and players get emotional when they lose.

Chicago needs to turn things around soon. They lost this one by 25.