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UGA mocks Big 12 team’s Playoff performance, then loses to Big 12 team

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Georgia Twitter, feeling snubbed, had a good time during Playoff losses by Oklahoma and Notre Dame. Georgia then lost to Texas.

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Clemson made easy work of Notre Dame in Saturday’s Cotton Bowl, 30-3. The Irish were never really in the football game, and Clemson proved it’s still in Alabama’s tier.

Georgia, which was the fifth team in the final College Football Playoff rankings, narrowly missed out on a Playoff berth after an SEC Championship loss to Alabama, which fueled Georgia’s favored claim of being one of the four best teams in college football.

The Dawgs campaigned for a spot as one of the final four after the loss (Nick Saban even supported UGA!), but Oklahoma ultimately got the fourth spot over the Bulldogs.

So after Clemson cruised past Notre Dame, current UGA players tweeted various We Belonged In The Playoff messages.

Georgia fans were joining in, but players themselves being so vocal was pretty noteworthy.

The tweets continued as Alabama opened up with 21 points in the first quarter against Oklahoma.

Elijah Holyfield saved his words, and decided that many laughing emojis would suffice:

While D’Andre Swift and Brian Herrien added a bit more to their messages:

Wide receiver Jeremiah Holloman found the whole day “interesting”:

Former players also chimed in to defend their alma mater.

Various GIFs, images, or slander was in play here.

You get the idea.

Everybody who ever went to Georgia was laughing at Notre Dame and Oklahoma.

Anyway, Georgia then lost its bowl game against Texas days later.

The score was 28-21 in Texas’ favor after a last-minute TD by Georgia.

And the domination started from even before kickoff, with UT mascot Bevo running Uga off:

Regardless of how anybody feels, Notre Dame and Oklahoma deserved to be in the Playoff.

Don’t get it twisted — Georgia was one of the four best teams for much of the season (though bowl season didn’t exactly confirm that notion). We didn’t need either Notre Dame or Oklahoma losses on Saturday to prove that.

Our good friend Bill Connelly explained it in detail here, but here’s a shorter breakdown on why the Bulldogs were also undeserving of one of the four spots:

1. The Sooners only lost once.

2. The CFP committee simply won’t put in a two-loss conference non-champion.

3. Balance doesn’t actually matter.

4. Georgia had its chance.

The Dawgs could’ve beaten Texas and made this a debate for the entire offseason, but the Sugar Bowl result ended up putting a nice bow on the entire thing. Hard to imagine anyone has any remaining doubt as to whether the National Championship pairs the two best teams in the country or not.