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Mark Sanchez adds to his legacy with a Butt Fumble Recovery

The reverse butt fumble!

In his first game action since 2016, Mark Sanchez had another incident with a fumble and his butt. It wasn’t as breathtakingly iconic as his famous “butt fumble” that he had in 2012 when he was member of the New York Jets, but it was still funny.

Sanchez was stripped from behind by Eagles defensive lineman Brandon Graham as he was trying to avoid a sack and the ball slipped between his legs. Luckily, he was able to sit on the ball and regain possession instead of turning it over to the Eagles.

It’s been an eventful game for Sanchez as he steps in for the injured Colt McCoy. He gave the handed the ball off to Adrian Peterson on what was a 90-yard touchdown and drove Washington down the field before the end of the first half for a field goal by Dustin Hopkins.

McCoy’s season is over, which means Sanchez for the rest of the year and more chances for butt shenanigans — or butt disasters.