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Iowa State head coach uninterested in leaving Power 5 for mid-major job

Unlike the New York Jets, the Iowa State Cyclones actually have a path to the playoffs.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

A small college program, the New York Jets of New Jersey, was reportedly interested in Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell, but will have to move along to a more realistic and attainable target than the main man in Ames.

The Jets, who recently fired former Temple defensive back and Grambling State defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, must find a coach willing to compete at a beleaguered program shy on winning history and facilities funding. The Jets don’t even have their own campus stadium, forced to share a building with the New York Giants of New Jersey, and haven’t played for a national championship since 1968.

Thus, recruiting is difficult.

In 2018, the Jets lumbered to 4-12 and missed bowl season for the eighth year in a row. Controversially, non-power programs face a difficult path to the College Football Playoff even when they’re undefeated. So you can imagine how hard it is for the Jets.

Iowa State, meanwhile, took down a ranked West Virginia and nearly did the same to Washington State in a thrilling Alamo Bowl.

The Jets have never even been to the Alamo Bowl.

Campbell, 39, has also drawn interest from teams more prominent than the Jets, including some actually in the National Football League.