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Worst Call of Week 13: The obvious false start that refs missed

Just about everyone in the stadium saw this false start, except the officials.

Sunday was not a great day for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their 33-30 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers at home left many Steelers fans upset over missed calls by the officials.

One of the no-calls, happened in the first quarter of the game. The Steelers had a 13-point lead, but the Chargers were driving. On first-and-10, the teams were lined up and waiting for the snap when Chargers tackle Sam Tevi jumped way before the ball was snapped. The play continued and Philip Rivers connected with Travis Benjamin for a 46-yard touchdown. Everyone saw the false start. The announcers, thousands of fans, Pittsburgh players and coaches, everyone except the officials. Pittsburgh tried speaking with the officials, but they refused to budge.

Head coach Mike Tomlin expressed his disappointment in a post game press conference, saying, “They missed it. It’s unfortunate.”

We should note that this isn’t the only time the Chargers have capitalized on a false start no-call this season. In Week 6 when the Chargers took on the Browns, Chargers left tackle Russell Okung jumped early and Rivers threw a 29-yard touchdown to wide receiver Tyrell Williams.

Again, this isn’t the only reason that the Steelers didn’t walk away with a victory Sunday night, but it’s certainly a huge factor.