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Eagles fans got the wrong Super Bowl 52 trick play formation tattooed on their bodies

It’s okay, we know what y’all meant.

That trick play the Eagles ran in their Super Bowl 52 win over the Patriots was one for the ages. It took guts to have Trey Burton throw to Nick Foles, a man who had never caught a pass in a game in college or his pro career, on fourth-and-goal from the Patriots’ 1-yard line.

It makes sense that Eagles fans want to commemorate that play — dubbed the Philly Special — with tattoos. But folks, if you’re going to have this proudly displayed on your body for all time, you probably want to be sure you’ve got the formation right.

Some Eagles fans have gone a different route. They’re getting tattoos of arguably the best moment of the team’s Super Bowl parade, Jason Kelce’s four-minute speech calling out everyone who didn’t believe the Eagles could win, which he delivered in a Mummers costume and concluded with a resounding “fuck ‘em.”

An aside: If I were an Eagles fan, I’d consider getting a tattoo of Doug Pederson effortlessly catching a beer someone threw to him along the Super Bowl parade route. You’re welcome for the brilliant idea.

If you’re one of the Eagles fans who got the erroneous trick play formation tattooed on your body forever, it’s OK. It’s an unforgettably great moment in your team’s history, and we all know what you meant.