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Rajon Rondo, Doc Rivers, and Kevin Garnett all showed up for Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement

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We almost got the whole band back together!

Paul Pierce is one of the best Celtics of all time and is being celebrated as such on Sunday afternoon with his jersey retirement.

The Celtics legend spent 15 seasons sporting green in Boston and made plenty of friends along the way, and some of them showed up to support Pierce on his special day.

Doc Rivers made his way to the game despite the Clippers having a game in Brooklyn Monday evening. Rivers wanted to be there to cheer for Pierce on his day and to boo LeBron James.

Rivers wasn’t the only member from the 2008 championship team in the building. Rajon Rondo managed to make it, too.

And look who’s sitting with them.

Of course Kevin Garnett was showing up for this. There was no way he was missing it.

Antoine Walker showed up, too! Quick, somebody draw a four-point line.

It’s great to see all of these people back to pay respect to Pierce on his special day. Now, if only we could get them all to suit up — then it would really be a party.