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Mirai Nagasu is the first U.S. woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics and that’s awesome

If you need some motivation, just check out Nagasu’s triple axel.

Mirai Nagasu’s performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics was unreal!

The performance as a whole was stellar, but she made history by completing a triple axel — the first ever by an American woman at the Olympics. The reaction from her fellow Americans watching her from the stands sums it all up.

Adam Rippon fist pumping at Nagasu’s milestone is all of us. Everyone on Twitter was as hyped as Rippon was seeing Nagasu’s triple axel. And with good reason!

If you ever need some motivation, just go back and watch Nagasu pull off the triple axel. You will get the energy to accomplish whatever you want after that. You might even be able to run into a wall after watching the replays (but please don’t actually do that).

Same. Does rewatching the triple axel get rid of the goosebumps or does that just maintain them? Regardless, rewatch this incredible triple axel.