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Olympic results 2018: Shaun White captures gold once again in men’s halfpipe

White bounced back from his Sochi disappointment to rule men’s halfpipe once again.

Just one day after American Chloe Kim completely destroyed her competition for women’s snowboard halfpipe gold, the men got their chance to compete in the halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Team USA has continued its sweep of gold medals among the snowboarding events, with the legendary red-headed boarder Shaun White reclaiming the top spot on the podium. With a final top score of 97.75, White has continued to prove that he is still the top competitor in the world, and now has three gold medals in the halfpipe to prove it. There’s even more good news for Team USA. Not only did they add another medal to their haul, but White has expressed interest in returning for the 2022 games — and maybe the 2020 Summer Games in the skateboarding event.

Ayumu Hirano of Japan got the silver and Scotty James of Australia took the bronze medal.

James threw down the gauntlet on his first run with a 92.00 score, but White answered right back with a monstrous program, nailing a 1440 spin and double McTwist. He got a score of 94.25, setting the tone for the rest of this competition.

The second run was marred by a scary injury situation, when Japan’s Yuto Totsuka suffered a horrific crash after smashing into the lip at full speed. The competition was delayed nearly 10 minutes while he got stretchered off, leaving a more subdued atmosphere at Phoenix Park.

In happier news, Totsuka’s Japanese teammate, Ayumu Hirano, bounced back from a poor first run to score 95.25 and take the lead from White. James had a slight slip-up on his second run, forcing him to sit on 92.00 as his top score. Likewise, White couldn’t land his switch 1440 a second time and slid out, moving the American into second place.

With no one else threatening for the podium, the final three came down to Hirano, White, and James. Hirano slid out on his final run, establishing 95.25 as the score to beat. James also failed to land a clean run, leaving it down down to White. He nailed his back-to-back 1440s and double McTwist with perfection

The qualifying runs set the stage for a high-flying finale, with the top three boarders outdoing and one-upping each other for the No. 1 spot. American Olympic legend Shaun White was back in Pyeongchang looking for redemption from the 2014 Sochi Games, where (for the first time since 2006) White missed the medal podium, finishing in fourth place. He wasn’t the only guy looking for gold, though — James finished No. 2 in the qualifiers and Hirano came in hot at No. 3.

Competition among these three was steep from the onset. After White took first place with a 93.25 score for his first run, Hirano jumped into the No. 1 spot with a second run score of 95.25 — but he wasn’t in first place for long. Scotty James immediately followed Hirano with a run worth 96.75 and the top spot. White snapped back in for the final run of the day, and with back-to-back 1260’s, took over the leaderboard with a second run score of 98.50. Those kind of scores in the qualifying runs set the stage for some epic tricks in the final three heats.

Men’s halfpipe results

Rank Nation Athlete Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run
Rank Nation Athlete Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run
1 United States Shaun White 94.25 55.00 97.75 97.75
2 Japan Ayumu Hirano 35.25 95.25 43.25 95.25
3 Australia Scotty James 92.00 81.75 40.25 92.00
4 United States Ben Ferguson 43.00 83.50 90.75 90.75
5 Switzerland Patrick Burgener 84.00 51.00 89.75 89.75
6 United States Chase Josey 87.75 52.25 88.00 88.00
7 Japan Raibu Katayama 85.75 25.00 87.00 87.00
8 United States Jake Pates 47.00 82.25 27.00 82.25
9 Switzerland Jan Scherrer 31.25 80.50 70.75 80.50
10 Australia Kent Callister 20.00 62.00 56.75 62.00
11 Japan Yuto Totsuka 39.25 7.00 DNS 39.25
12 Finland Peetu Piiroinen 4.50 12.75 13.50 13.50

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