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American figure skaters Alex and Maia Shibutani will put a smile on your face

America’s ice dancing siblings make you smile right along with them, no matter what they do

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics: victory ceremony for figure skating team event Photo by Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images

Update: Maia and Alex Shibutani scored 77.73 Sunday to move into first place after their short program with six teams yet to skate.

Within moments of seeing Olympic figure skaters Alex and Maia Shibutani on your screen, you have to smile. The brother and sister duo whose performances in the figure skating team competition helped the United States win a 2018 Winter Olympics bronze medal look like they’re having so much fun at every moment, and it’s contagious.

Fortunately, they let that personality shine through on social media — from Instagram to Twitter (@AlexShibutani, @MaiaShibutani, @ShibSibs) to vlogging on YouTube — allowing their fans a look behind the scenes and chance to talk to the Shibutanis.

Main takeaways: Despite many early mornings and seemingly constant time spent traveling from their home rink outside of Detroit to cities around the world, they never stop smiling. That’s just a great attitude to have.

So don’t consider this an all-encompassing guide to the ShibSibs, but these are a few of the things they posted that made me smile today:

When they saw themselves on Minute Maid cartons at the supermarket:

When they got lost walking to their childhood rink:

The video about their mom:

Little Alex:

When they told jokes to Cookie Monster:


Alex talking about what it means to earn a medal:

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