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Jabari Parker is officially back after dunking on two people at once

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Oh, this is my favorite jam.

Jabari Parker tore his ACL just over a year ago, and on Tuesday he let us know he was officially back with a dunk on, not just one, but two players.

I’m not even kidding. Here’s proof.

It’s the NBA, so poster dunks are pretty common. Most of the players on the court are elite athletes, after all. But there are always a few guys on each team that can throw down on anyone’s head.

But it’s rare that you see somebody dunking on two people. Especially after tearing an ACL. It looks like Parker hasn’t lost a step despite his surgery, which is great for us to see. It’s not so great for the Hawks, though.

Imagine sending two defenders at a guy, fouling him and getting away with it, and still getting dunked on.

They’re literally all over him and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. That’s just wild. Do better, Hawks, do better.

But shoutout to Parker, though, and welcome back. We missed you.