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NBA players tell us who they’d pick to be on their bobsled team

Russell Westbrook was a popular choice.

With the Winter Olympics and NBA All-Star Weekend taking place at the same time, we went to Los Angeles and asked NBA players who would be on their bobsled team. From Victor Oladipo to James Harden, we got some interesting answers for the next great bobsled team.

The most-wanted NBA player turned bobsledder? It’s Russell Westbrook.

Kyle Lowry wants small power on his team

“I’m going to pick John Wall, Ish Smith. I need some small power. I’m gonna pick myself.”

Klay Thompson wants pure speed

“You need speed, so gimme John Wall, Russell Westbrook ... and who else is purely fast? Give me Giannis.”

Karl-Anthony Towns knows he’s too big for a bobsled

“Steph Curry, Jimmy Butler, not me ... I’d take up the whole bobsled”

John Wall called his own number

“Me, Russell for sure, De’Aaron Fox ... that’d be my team.”

James Harden wants the little guys

“Maybe Steph and Kyrie? The little guys.”

Tobias Harris still loves Boban Marjanovic, but he’s too tall for his team

“I would put Boban [Marjanovic], but he’s too tall. I gotta go with some speed so I’m gonna put Avery Bradley, Lou Willams and trying to get DeAndre in there.”

Victor Oladipo wants the Cool Runnings team ... and Russell Westbrook

“I would have Yul Brynner from Cool Runnings. I would have Sanka because I need him there. You have those two you know you’re pretty much good. I would have Russ because he’s fast and ... I would put Al Jefferson.”

And Stephen Jackson drafted the greatest bobsled team of all time

Isaiah Thomas because he’s small, Russell Westbrook because he’s fast, Ron Artest to be the guy at the end to do the pushing, and I’ll fit in there somewhere.”