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Literally everyone is roasting Fergie’s ridiculous national anthem including NBA All-Stars

This was hilarious!

When Fergie was selected to sing the national anthem before the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, she decided that there was one way that people hadn’t been singing the anthem, and should have been: sexy.

So Fergie, being a trendsetter, sung the first sexy national anthem in history. Someone had to be this brave pioneer. Here’s the result:

How did the NBA players on the court feel about this amazing, ground-breaking sexy national anthem? Let’s focus on Draymond Green, like the cameras (thankfully) did.



Draymond wasn’t the only one who felt some type of way about the broadcast. Add Stephen Curry and Joel Embiid to the list, too.

Even other performers like Chance the Rapper and Jimmy Kimmel got a kick out of how bad this was.

Don’t ask me how Anthony Anderson was able to stop himself from laughing because I don’t have an answer for you.

It was so odd we were still talking about it at halftime. Charles Barkley said it was time to start a dialogue. Not on race this time, though. We have to talk about Fergie’s singing.

Even Twitter got her out the paint. This Patrick Ewing meme is literally perfect.

This has me on the floor.

It was so bad that Stephen Curry found time to actually go like some tweets on Twitter during the actual All-Star game about how bad it was.

You know it’s bad when you make Good Morning America the next day because it was so bad.

The national anthem has been sung, maybe, millions of times before this at a ton of sporting events, but we’re pretty confident in saying this was the weirdest we’ve seen. We’ve got to give Fergie credit for trying, I guess, but man, this is one for the history books.