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Anthony Davis is wearing DeMarcus Cousins’ jersey in the All-Star game

What a teammate.

DeMarcus Cousins can’t play in this All-Star game with a torn Achilles, but his teammate won’t let him be forgotten. Instead of wearing his normal No. 23 jersey, Anthony Davis put on Cousins’ uniform and will wear it throughout the game.

Cousins recognized his teammates’ gesture.

Davis and Cousins have become pretty tight on and off the court. In an interview with SLAM Magazine in January, Davis called Cousins a “teddy bear.”

He’s soft, man—he’s a teddy bear, honestly. Of course he gets this rep about being a certain type of guy, but honestly he’s really not like that. Off the floor he’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever been around. He gets perceived as this angry type of guy. You really just gotta know him to know him, honestly. You just can’t go off what the media tries to perceive him to be.

They were one of the best duos in the league this season before Cousins went down, averaging a combined 51.2 points and 23.4 rebounds per game.

It stinks to see Cousins out of this game and down for the season, but Davis’ gesture is pretty great. Beyond that, it’ll probably make a difference when Cousins is making his free agency decision.

Either way, shoutout to Davis for being a great teammate.