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LeBron James is so damn happy his team came back to win the All-Star Game

I’ve never seen this from James in an All-Star game before

Let’s be real — NBA players don’t normally try hard in the All-Star game. But Sunday night’s game was different and that was really because of LeBron James. He cared a ton.

It started with his defense with just over a minute to go. James guarded Joel Embiid with him playing the center for his team. The team legitimately double teamed Embiid and forced a review!

The team didn’t win the review despite the ball clearly going off Embiid’s foot, and James was livid. But he cleaned it up on the other end with a bucket at the rim over Draymond Green for the go ahead bucket.

Then, he strapped Stephen Curry and prevented him from tying the game.

The dude ran down the court like a jet. If this ain’t happy, I don’t know what is. This was fun and it looks like the players enjoyed it, too. I hope we get the same thing next year.