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Geno Smith is the newest member of the Kyrie Irving Flat Earth Club

Stay woke.

Boston Celtics star player Kyrie Irving has taken a lot of flak for his belief that the Earth is flat. But New York Giants quarterback Geno Smith thinks Irving is making some good points.

On Saturday, Smith tweeted that he’s siding with Irving on the flat vs. round Earth debate:

He clarified that he doesn’t necessarily believe one side or the other, but he’s willing to entertain the thought that the world isn’t round:

His reasoning? You can’t really trust your eyes when Photoshop exists:

Well that’s a good point, there’s never been any video footage... [Googles “video of Earth from space”] ... ahh wait, there’s a bunch. There’s even a live stream from the International Space Station happening right now.

Geno’s not sold.

In the year or so since Irving first revealed his flat-Earth beliefs — which came from Instagram videos — he’s been committed to the thought no matter how much people point and laugh. He even had a flat-Earth prop at his Nike event in January.

Smith isn’t diving all the way in his support of the flat-Earth theories, but he’s not ready to believe conventional thought either. Stay woke, everybody.