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Noah Syndergaard started his spring training with a bunch of 100-mph fastballs

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Then he answered questions without his shirt on, as is the custom with his people.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The last time we saw Noah Syndergaard was in the fall, when he threw two scoreless outings in abbreviated rehab-but-not-rehab starts. He missed most of 2017, and so did the Mets. Those two points are related.

It was an open question, then, as to how Syndergaard would return for 2018. Would he be the same guy? It’s not as if the Mets don’t have experience with previously talented dynamos suddenly losing everything that made them All-Stars.

He ... he is probably the same guy:

That 92-mph pitch, well, it was kind of gross.

Is it too early to declare the Mets NL East champions again? Probably. But here is one of the greatest talents in the game doing greatest-talent things. Noah Syndergaard can throw baseballs hard, and here he is doing it with aplomb.

And he took the time to answer questions without his shirt on, shaming the rest of us mortals and making us feel bad.

Yeah, well, did you win your seventh-grade spelling bee by spelling the word “psoriasis”? Didn’t think so. So we’re even.