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Super Bowl squares template: A quick playing guide for Patriots vs. Eagles

Here’s a quick, handy guide for the popular party game.

Many people like betting on the Super Bowl, but dealing with Vegas or online sports books can be a hassle. That’s where Super Bowl squares comes in, a relatively simple betting game that can be played at any house party.

For casual football fans who just want to enjoy the game while hopefully making a quick buck in the process, squares should scratch that itch just fine.

What is the basic squares setup?

The actual setup of the game isn’t all that complicated — a standard 10x10 sheet with 100 squares will suffice. Here’s a sample sheet, via Print Your Brackets. A printable sheet can be found here.

Once the sheet is all set up, find out how many people in your party are playing and get them to buy squares (one dollar per square is usually the entry price, but it can vary from group to group) until all 100 squares are filled up. There are also online game sites that can make things a little easier to organize.

Now that you have the sheet and players, draw numbers at random from 0-9 to fill out the top and left rows. This determines which two digits will be on each and every square.

How does scoring work?

From here, the game can go different ways depending on which rules parties want to use. The most popular method is to use the final score, and hand out the pot based on the last digit of each team’s score. For instance, if the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 31-24, the player with both “1” and “4” in their square gets the prize money.

Another common way of playing is to split the pot four ways and hand out 25 percent each, depending on the score at the end of every quarter. You could also do 50/50 based on the halftime and final scores, or hand out pot increments based on every new score, or any other random variations your party can come up with. Since there are no hard-and-fast rules, the only limits are your imagination.