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Puppy Bowl 2018 results: Team Fluff brings home the Lombarky Trophy again

So many dogs. So many good, good dogs.

Today - Season 67 Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Puppy Bowl XIV is in the books, and for the second year in a row Team Fluff has taken home the Lombarky Trophy.

This one got heated in the fourth quarter, as the two teams of very good dogs traded leads back and forth. In the end, it was Team Fluff’s Kaleb Junior — who was rescued from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria — whose touchdown got the win against Team Ruff.

Check out all of the highlights and awwwww-inducing moments from this year’s Puppy Bowl.

Puppy Bowl highlights

MVP: Bear

Underdog Award: Mr. Wigglesworth

Final: Team Fluff 52, Team Ruff 47

Kaleb Junior got back in the end zone to lock up the win for Team Fluff. But we just got to watch two solid hours of cute puppies playing football and raising awareness for animal rescue. Everybody wins.

Oh no, unnecessary ruffness again!

We don’t know who’s going to win this one. But we’ve figured out who the most athletic pupper on the field is.

This one’s too close to call right now after yet another Team Fluff field goal. Kaleb Junior, rescued from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, kicked it in the end zone for three. But Team Ruff’s Kitsy answered with a field goal of her own and they’re right back on top. .

Team Ruff 44, Team Fluff 42

Tyler is just one of a few dogs who were rescued from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria who are playing in the Puppy Bowl today.

Team Ruff 44, Team Fluff 42

Yet another lead change as Dak, who sounds more like a quarterback than a kicker, converts a field goal to take the lead back for Team Ruff.

Team Fluff 42, Team Ruff 41

This is a nailbiter after Peanut scores and narrows Team Fluff’s lead to one point.

Team Fluff 42, Team Ruff 34

Team Fluff’s running away with this one. Sally snatched the lead back from Team Ruff, then scored immediately again to go up by eight points. She might be today’s Most Valuable Pupper.

This must be the Puppy Bowl version of a friendly slap on the butt between teammates.

Team Ruff 34, Team Fluff 28


Halftime: Team Ruff 34, Team Fluff 28

Get excited for the halftime show, courtesy of KitteNSYNC!

Team Ruff 34, Team Fluff 28

Team Ruff scored a field goal, which is really just tossing a toy into the end zone.

The sloth ref tried to run in a score. Sloths don’t really run.

Team Ruff 31, Team Fluff 28

We’ve got ourselves a barnburner, folks, after Ana scored the most casual 100-yard touchdown in Puppy Bowl history.

Team Fluff 28, Team Ruff 24

Bear punches it in for another Team Fluff score, his second touchdown of the day. He’s in the running for Most Valuable Pupper.

Team Ruff 24, Team Fluff 21

The Puppy Bowl features plenty of very good dogs, but also a very good sloth and a chicken and some pigs and bunnies.

Team Ruff 24, Team Fluff 21

We’ve got ourselves a game!

Team Ruff 24, Team Fluff 14

Team Ruff turned to a little trickery to get one into the end zone.

Barry added a field goal to extend Team Ruff’s lead to 24.

Team Fluff 14, Team Ruff 14

Team Fluff’s lead didn’t last long. It’s all knotted up, thanks to Team Ruff’s J. Paw.

J. Paw broke some Team Fluff ankles to get into the end zone.

Team Fluff 14, Team Ruff 7

Swipe right for rescue pups.

Team Fluff 14, Team Ruff 7

A purple pom pom breaks the tie.

Team Ruff 7, Team Fluff 7

Throw the flag, ref! Unnecessary ruffness!

Team Ruff 7, Team Fluff 7

Morris hasn’t even left the dang tunnel.

Team Ruff 7, Team Fluff 7

It looked like Lila may have bitten off more than she can chew. But she actually scored a touchdown right after this to tie things up 7-7.

There is a new ref this year. He’s a rescue sloth.

The pregame show

Joku the chicken just belted out a stirring rendition of America the Beautiful on a specially-rigged keyboard.

This is a very strange and slow puppy.

The Puppy Bowl hasn’t started yet, but we’ve already got an early favorite for MVP:

Before the, uh, game

Tom Brady is great. At some point he’s probably going to drop an impossible pass into the hands of Rob Gronkowski that makes us realize just how special a singular talent like his is.

Fletcher Cox is great. He’s a bulldozing defensive lineman who can tear holes in the fabric of time itself in order to get to the quarterback and sow chaos.

But neither one is going splash around in his own water bowl, or chew on a rope toy in a tug-of-war with a pit bull puppy, or lick the referee Sunday. And that’s why you should watch the Puppy Bowl.

Long after network television has gone extinct, leaving nothing but orphaned signals floating through space, alien species will find the crown jewel of Animal Planet’s programmings and determine Earth was indeed worth saving. For 12 hours, the network will counter-program the most-watched sporting event of the year with two-hour blocks of rescue dogs playing in a faux football stadium.

It will be the best thing you watch all Sunday, if not all year.

This year’s event will feature puppies from coast to coast and even into Mexico. Puppy Bowl XIV will bring together 39 dogs who’ve left their day jobs behind for a shot at stardom in front of a national audience.

There’s Miss Brie, a Jack Russell terrier mix from Chicago who believes Kanye West is now just coasting on his well-deserved reputation. There’s Juniper, the American bulldog who’s just looking for her ticket to get the hell out of Maine. And there’s Moonshine, the Idaho border collie who OH MY GOD HE’S WINKING IN HIS PICTURE TELL ME HE’S AVAILABLE.

So don’t even feel compelled to watch the actual Super Bowl. It’ll all be up on the internet in GIF form by 10 p.m., anyway. The one event you can’t afford to skip? The Puppy Bowl. Where else are you going to see dogs, anyway?

How to Watch

When: 3 p.m. ET

TV: Animal Planet

Online: Animal Planet GO

Starting lineups: Adorable.

How the Puppy Bowl gets made