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Super Bowl commercials 2018: Toyota’s ad makes me want to buy stock in the indomitable human spirit

Or, how to communicate an idea effectively.

No snark for this one. Some companies go for sentimental and miss wildly (looking at you, gross Dodge ad), and it makes you wonder why they don’t just go with home run swings for the silly and dumb genre, which are super low stakes.

Toyota took a simple concept and made it elegant.

Those are the odds against becoming a paralympian. There’s a sense of perspective, and you’re forced to appreciate the thousands and thousands of hours that go into becoming Lauren Woolstencroft, badass medal-winning skier. Those were hours logged in service of the idea that odds would be beaten. Here is an accounting of those odds.

Is this commercial worth $7.7 million?

I don’t know what it has to do with cars or trucks, but I’m very much into the story of Lauren Woolstencroft, who does more in the first sentence of her Wikipedia page than I’ve ever done in my life.

Lauren Woolstencroft is a Canadian alpine skier and electrical engineer.

Don’t know what it translates to in terms of sales, but it was a pretty cool ad.