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Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ recreation was the best commercial of Super Bowl 52

brb, watching this forever.

Eli Manning is a beautiful, big, football-playing wet sock. Everyone knows who he is, but be honest — did you truly have any strong opinion about him before this moment? He has won two rings, but his best Super Bowl performance may have come on Sunday, thanks to this beautiful NFL advertising spot with Odell Beckham Jr.

Please, Eli. Why did you wait for 37 years of your life to show us your incredible dancing skills? Or your amazing Dirty Dancing parody ability?

Everyone loved this commercial. How could you not?


Eli Manning went from a bland football player known for doing football things and for being the brother of Peyton Manning, to becoming a beloved hero of the internet masses in one single swoop. Bless him, bless the NFL for this idea, and bless the director, Aaron Stoller.

OK, back to watching that commercial approximately 12 dozen more times. Thank you. Please do not disturb me for the next 95 minutes.