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Lifelong Eagles fan Karl-Anthony Towns is basically in tears after Super Bowl win


Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Karl-Anthony Towns grew up in New Jersey down the road from Philadelphia, and he has been rooting for the Eagles his whole life. Look at him now! He posted this on his Instagram story, and LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS.

“I AIN’T NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY” needs to go on Eagles championship T-shirts right now, please. And man, he lived through an incredible game that must have had his emotions riding so high and low from start to finish. Here’s the one tweet that Towns sent during the game itself.

Towns was at the game with The Player’s Tribune as a photographer — definitely the tallest and most biased photog at the game.

He was also rockin’ a FREE MEEK MILL jersey, joining a long list of NBA stars to support the incarcerated rapper.

We can all be happy for Karl-Anthony right now.