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Kevin Hart was too drunk to hold back an F-bomb from the NFL Network interview he crashed

His interview crashing did not last long after that.

A VERY drunk Kevin Hart crashed the NFL Network’s postgame interview set, which is proof that persistence always pays off. That’s a good lil lesson for the kids out there! Kevin is just a fantastic influence.

“We’re very lucky to have this guy as part of the team — I’ve been drinkin’! [laughter] I’m on cloud nine! I started the celebration already. Philadelphia is a great city. I hope this is an example of what we can do. We gave a fuck—”

After Hart dropped that expletive, he was quickly escorted off the set — understandably so, you know. But again, this is a lesson of persistence. Why? Because this was Kevin Hart earlier.

That was Kevin Hart trying to get on stage with the Eagles as they were awarded the Lombardi Trophy, but security turned him away. Which was hilarious, to be sure. But Hart won out in the air. He got to cuss on national television!

Hart’s a Philadelphia native, and I’m happy for him but only because that throwback Eagles letterman jacket is FLAMES.