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Watch Doug Pederson’s inspirational speech to the Eagles after Super Bowl win vs. Patriots

“An individual can make a difference, but a team makes a miracle.”

The Eagles are bringing a Lombardi Trophy home to Philadelphia for the first time in franchise history. Head coach Doug Pederson addressed the team with an inspirational speech after they held off a late-game rally attempt from the Patriots.

Plenty of people wrote off the Eagles’ season when quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL against the Rams in Week 14. But this season didn’t come down to one person for the Eagles.

“We said before, an individual can make a difference, but a team makes a miracle,” Pederson told his team.

Pederson said he was happy for everyone — from the coaches, to the players, to owner Jeffrey Lurie, and the whole organization — for the win, especially after everyone counted them out.

“You battled through adversity this season. Guys, I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Pederson said. “You’re world champions, man. World champions. Just look around. Just look around, OK? Hey, this is what you guys have done. This is what you’ve accomplished.”

Pederson also said that there’s a reason he’s kind of a hardass coach. It’s because this is the payoff.

“You guys get on me a lot about dress code and practice and doing things. Well, guess what? It’s for this moment right here. For this moment,” Pederson said. “It’s the discipline that it takes to win this game.”

After Pederson delivered his “a team makes a miracle” line, his players couldn’t hold back the cheers.

“God damn, we made a miracle, dawg,” one Eagles player yelled.

Pederson agreed, and with that, the Eagles were ready to celebrate.

“You did it against a fine football team. When you’re asked, you’re complimentary,” Pederson said. “But at the same time, we are gonna party.”

Go ahead and live it up, Eagles. You did make a miracle this season, and you’ve earned it.