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‘Ed’ is by far the worst sports movie ever

It’s so bad that there may be no second place.

Even though they generally tend to follow a formula and tend to end predictably, we all have our favorite sports movies. A good sports movie tells a story, brings us relatable protagonists, and is able to transport us to place in which we care about stakes and results that develop over about 90 minutes or so.

Some of them, like Hoosiers, take us to a specific time, some, like Rudy present what appears to be an insurmountable mountain of odds stacked against our hero, and some, like the The Mighty Ducks series, are certainly cheesy, but is filled with lines and scenes that, whether it’s for nostalgic reasons, the actors involved, or just the games themselves, still resonate with sports movie fans.

ALLLLLLL that said ... Ed, the 1996 Matt LeBlanc minor league baseball (with a chimp teammate!) vehicle is an indestructible force of awful that at no point makes sense, paints anyone as a character worth rooting for, or has any meaningful stakes.

It’s an unwatchable garbage corpse of a movie ... and we have the autopsy!