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The Pelicans vs. Pacers game was postponed because of a roof leak

Somebody get an umbrella for the arena.

The Pelicans and Pacers were scheduled to play an NBA game tonight, but there’s nobody on the court at Smoothie King Arena. Rainy weather and a leaky roof have caused the game to be postponed.

The water from the roof leaked onto the floor and has delayed the game so far. The rain slowed a bit. They even put a tarp across the catwalk in hopes of preventing the league from reaching the floor.

Both teams poked fun at the situation with the Pelicans trying to make a quick change in plans.

And the Pacers’ obliged.

Still, there was a game to be played. But the leak didn’t stop and, eventually, league officials decided it was best to cancel the game fore the safety of the players, according to Pelicans’ GM Dell Demps.

“At the end of the day, it was all about player safety and the well-being of the players,” Demps said. “We were on the phone with people from the NBA and, you know, this thing, it’s a league. And so, working with the Pelicans and Pacers staff and everybody in the NBA, and then the NBA made the final ruling.”

It remains to be seen when the game will be rescheduled, but fans will be getting a refund for their tickets.

This isn’t the first time games have had to be postponed because of a leak. Last season, the Timberwolves and Trail Blazers had a game postponed thanks to a slippery floor due to an ice show a few nights before. In 2016, a Sixers vs. Kings game was postponed for a wet floor as well.

When more information becomes available, we’ll update this post.