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Jason Kelce led Eagles fans in an uncensored ‘We’re from Philly, f***ing Philly’ chant at the Super Bowl parade


The Philadelphia EaglesSuper Bowl parade was Thursday, and it was as awesome as you’d expect. But Jason Kelce’s moment with Eagles fans was spectacular.

Kelce — wearing an incredible outfit — went up to fans to sing the Philly Anthem, courtesy of the Sons of Ben, a supporter group for the Philadelphia Union. It includes, “We’re from Philly, fucking Philly / No one likes us, we don’t care!”

Kelce was leading the chant, and the ABC station in Philadelphia caught every last bit of it, without censoring it.

By the time he was done, the station cut to a picture of the skyline, but it was too late. The damage had been done, and we were treated to one of the best moments we’ll see during the parade.

Watching Kelce run down the street high five-ing fans was a cinematic end to the video.

Oh, and he’s also got a bike:

Kelce’s an easy guy to root for, and he later gave the most epic speech we’ve heard at a celebratory parade. It’s awesome to see him living out this parade to the fullest.

Eagles fans celebrating after the Super Bowl