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Eagles DT Beau Allen strategically asks fans to throw him beers at the Super Bowl parade

Twitter was invented for exactly this.

The Philadelphia Eagles are having their Super Bowl parade, and plenty of beers are expected to be going around. Which is a necessity to celebrate such an event.

That’s why Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen is requesting that a fans toss him and his teammates beers while they drive by:

It worked:

This is a great way to go about this. While the Eagles could have easily stocked up the big buses with plenty of beer, it seems like the least fans could do to thank the players for finally bringing the city a Super Bowl.

In fact, they really should just toss those free Bud Lights that are going around, since they agreed to provide freebies during the parade. Offensive tackle Lane Johnson said he’d give free beers if the Eagles won, so Bud Light took him up on it.

While they aren’t unlimited, fans should chuck ’em into the buses. Philly fans throw stuff all the time, anyway.

Good on Allen for his request. This is how Twitter was intended to be used anyway.

Eagles fans celebrating after the Super Bowl