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Eagles fans were spreading ashes of loved ones at the Super Bowl parade

Others brought urns to take in the parade with them.

The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl after 57 years of trying. Unfortunately, not everybody was able to see it happen.

However, those who are at the parade on Thursday to celebrate that coveted first Super Bowl are making sure their loved ones are there in spirit. Fans were both taking and spreading ashes at the Eagles’ parade:

This fan wasn’t the only one spreading ashes at the parade, according to Another fan, Dustin Slaughter, said his dad would have been one of the first to line up at the parade today if he were alive, so he brought a small urn of his ashes to the parade.

“It feels good,” Slaughter told “It feels good to have him with me for a day like today.”

It was honestly common:

People always discuss the passion that Eagles fans have for their team, but in a moment like this, you see how deep it really is.