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Doug Pederson’s one-handed beer catch at the Eagles parade was smooth as hell

Dougie P has too much sauce.

The Eagles are celebrating their first Super Bowl win in franchise history with a parade on Thursday. As you might expect, beers are involved, but they’re also being thrown.

Beau Allen requested that fans toss him beers to drink on Twitter, and his request was granted.

Look at this perfect throw from a fan, and the one-handed catch by Eagles head coach Doug Pederson:

There was not a single shred of doubt on Pederson’s face that he was making that grab. He even looked directly at the person who threw it so smoothly.

This is the most appropriate thing to happen during this parade. It could have been a sloppy toss, Pederson could have gone for the catch with two hands, or even missed the catch entirely.

Of course, this is what Eagles quarterbacks do.

Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. Pederson is a former quarterback, so there was no question he was about to catch this. They’re built for it.

The only possible way it could have been better is if he cracked it open and chugged it. Regardless, it was still incredible.