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This guy crashed the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony ... TWICE

This probably shouldn’t happen.

The Olympic Opening ceremony is one of the most controlled security events there is. But that still didn’t stop some guy from getting on the stage and disrupting the ceremony not just once, but twice.

Apparently nothing happened to anyone, but it’s still an odd situation:

It is currently unclear how the unidentified Korean man was able to jump the barriers and get onto the ice chute but local police in Pyeongchang, the South Korean resort where the two week tournament is held, say they are investigating.

None of the performers in the opening ceremony, which involves athletes from all over the world, were harmed in the incident.

I’m actually impressed that this guy was able to get on stage, and beyond that, the fact that NBC actually showed him on the telecast on tape delay. There was plenty of time for NBC to edit this guy out as they took out plenty of other things for the show to trim and finish it by 11:00 p.m. ET. But they left him in, and Mike Tirico briefly described what was going on for the audience at the tail end of the show.

A weird start to the Olympics, and hopefully it won’t happen during the closing ceremony.