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The Twins have made the most of this slow offseason

Sunday’s Say Hey, Baseball celebrates the Twins for being active and smart during this offseason. Also, Francisco Lindor got to wear a nice jersey on Saturday afternoon.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

While fans of plenty of teams during this offseason have loudly lamented their team’s lack of activity, you won’t be hearing any groaning from the good people up in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. That’s because the Twins have been one of the only teams who decided to put in some serious work on the free agent market.

In an effort to make sure that their postseason experience experience will last more than just one game once October rolls around, the Twins have gone out and made seven free agent signings. Their latest signing was Lance Lynn, who took a one-year deal worth $12 million after turning down a two-year, $20 million offer from the Twins earlier this week. This was a move that Minnesota needed to make too, since they were going to be losing Ervin Santana until possibly May due to Santana needing surgery on his finger. The addition of Lynn should bolster their rotation and make it even better once Santana returns from injury.

The Twins went out and got Lynn after making a similarly savvy swoop on Logan Morrison after the Rays decided that they could have done without him for 2018. The Morrison signing was already like taking a delicious cake out of the oven after letting it sit in there for just the right amount of time and the Lynn signing was like the icing on that cake that represents what has been a very good offseason for the Twins.

Minnesota should still have a very tough task on their hands when it come to upending Cleveland in the AL Central, but it’s evident that they’re not going to rest on their laurels and be satisfied with a cameo appearance in the playoffs this year. If all goes well for their free agent additions and the development of players like Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano and Jose Berrios (and then there’s also the looming specter of Brian Dozier playing for a free agency payday in 2019), then we could very well see playoff baseball at Target Field later this year.

  • This was a nice moment from spring training action in the Cactus League. Francisco Lindor left his jersey in Goodyear but he still got to play after the team issued him a jersey with “69” on the back.
  • The crew over at Viva El Birdos is bummed that the Cardinals didn’t bring Lance Lynn back to St. Louis and they’re rightfully blaming the qualifying offer system.
  • The folks over at The Good Phight are also disappointed in their Phillies for not going out to sign Lance Lynn.
  • There are rumors that Mike Moustakas turned down a three-year deal $45 million, but the Angels and Scott Boras both deny it.
  • The Brewers got a bit of a scare yesterday after Corey Knebel had to exit the game due to a knee injury.
  • Jorge Bonifacio was on track to be the Royals starting fight fielder this season. Unfortunately for him, he tested positive for the PED Boldenone and now he’ll be suspended for 80 games.
  • Tony Zych’s struggles with injuries were too much to overcome and the Mariners placed him on waivers-for-release. His fastball and slider were both too beautiful for this world.
  • So, what exactly are teams talking about during mound visits? The Pirates were happy to tell Bill Brink of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette all about their routine.