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Giants aware of viral video featuring Odell Beckham Jr.

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The video features Beckham, a woman, a pizza, and two things that could be illegal substances.

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A video went viral on Friday featuring Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., an aspiring French model, a pizza, and a couple of things that resemble illegal substances. The Giants have said they’re aware of the video, but they didn’t have anything to say beyond that.

The video, which was shared on Snapchat by French model Laura Cuenca, shows Beckham in a hotel room bed with a box of pizza and what appears to be a brown cigarette in his hand. In the video, which is seven seconds long, Cuenca is shown briefly with a credit card in her hand and lines of a powdery white substance in front of her.

Beckham is currently in Europe for a Nike-sponsored trip. He tweeted something after the video went viral that appears to address it.

Cuenca told the New York Daily News the video was recorded on Thursday. She also said that Beckham did not take any drugs. She declined to comment on whether or not the white powder is cocaine and would not confirm whether there were drugs in the room.

The Daily News asked Cuenca what Beckham is holding in the video. She responded that it is “a slice of pizza.”

The NFL and the Giants are both aware of the video, but that’s all they’ve had to say about it.

“We’re aware of the video, but we don’t have any comment beyond that,” said a team spokesman, via ESPN’s Jordan Raanan.

Beckham’s season was cut short last year by a broken ankle. The Giants picked up his option, so he’s in the final year of his rookie contract and looking to secure his future with a pricey long-term deal.

Beckham has ponied up a total of $221,546 in fines over the course of his career for everything from fighting to excessive celebration, per Spotrac. He’s never faced league discipline for any violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.