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LeBron James just delivered the most beautiful no-look pass of the season

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How does he do these things?

LeBron James is The King for a variety of reasons, and chief among those is his ability to see the floor like few others of his size and stature have been able to.

On Sunday, he somehow saw his teammate, Ante Zizic, without looking at him.

With sharpshooter Kyle Korver calling for the ball, James looked at his marksman, causing three Lakers to rush to the perimeter. He then delivered a one-handed push pass to Zizic, who was wide open under the basket for an easy dunk.

Here’s another look at the brilliant one-handed no-look feed:

James in late February recorded his 8,000th career assist, becoming the first player in NBA history to record as many dimes and rebounds while scoring at least 30,000 points in his career. With that pass against the Lakers, he’s merely padding the stats on his Hall of Fame resume.