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This is the Chubbs’ bracket for March Madness by Chubbs

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Chubbs is too busy to win basketball this year. But cat schools will win. Sorry, NCAA.

Hello, everybody reading. My name is Chubbs.

You are here for the Chubbs’ bracket for March Madness. Here is a picture of Chubbs for you.

I am Chubbs. No March Madness schools have Chubbs on team. But Chubbs is very good at basketball.

Smart schools have cat mascots that are like Chubbs. This is almost as good as having Chubbs.

But NCAA not fair to cat schools.

Why NCAA make cats from Kentucky be against cats from Davidson and then cats from Arizona? Because they are wild cats? They can still be nice cats. And bear cats have to be against panthers right away? Not fair.

This is Chubbs’ face when NCAA makes so many cat schools be in same part of bracket.

NCAA always likes dog schools better. Bulldogs from Gonzaga get treats every year while cats have to scratch cats.

But, sorry, NCAA. Cats are best at basketball. Two of last six brackets have cat winners. Because cats are best at basketball. Like Chubbs.

Here is the Chubbs bracket for this year.

You are welcome for this Chubbs’ bracket.

Please send money that you win to Shelter Chic. They helped Chubbs get rescued. They should get more money than NCAA.

OK, bye. Bracket picking make Chubbs tired.

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