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Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster played ‘Fortnite’ with Ninja and made video game history

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We didn’t know we needed this until it happened.

I played the video game Fortnite twice at a friend’s place a week ago and didn’t even care enough to download the free game when I got home. But I stayed up half the night — along with 600,000 other people — to watch a man with blue hair who calls himself Ninja play it on a streaming service called Twitch with Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu-Smith Schuster on Wednesday and I loved every minute of it.

If you’re reading this, you missed a hell of a night.

For those who don’t know, Fortnite is a shooting game for Windows computers, Xbox, and PlayStation. You play against random people from around the world, dropping out of a helicopter onto an island for war. You build giant steps and walls to protect yourself from incoming fire, you heal your teammates, and pick up new weapons along the way.

cactus_jackk92 is Travis Scott (duh)

It’s weird!

It’s even weirder when you’re watching a gamer dude named Ninja talk strategy with Drake and Travis Scott, and weirder-er when you listen to Ninja read off Twitter beef Logic is starting with Drake to Drake.

This night made video game history, and by the end of it, the four leading trending topics on Twitter all had to do with one thing: Fortnite.

To give you an idea of how big this was, here’s some context from our friends at Polygon:

As of 1 a.m. ET, Ninja’s stream with rapper Drake has nearly 600,000 concurrent viewers, surpassing Dr. DisRespect’s previous non-tournament record of 388,000. The all-time Twitch record is held by Eleague Major: Boston 2018 with over 1.1 million concurrent viewers.

I’ll try and recap this as best I can.

Drake seems fine at Fortnite

The rapper is pretty mellow throughout the duration of the night, mostly following Ninja, who is an absolute genius at this game. Ninja hardly ever loses. Seriously, you can ask Karl-Anthony Towns:

Ninja has to keep dropping extra ammo and potions for Drake to heal himself, but he seems competent enough to hold up his end. I can definitely relate to Video Game Drake — just exist while someone else does the hard work.

Ninja invites a few of his gamer friends, who the people in the comments seem to know, but I’m clueless. I’m just enjoying the thrill of watching Drake be a normal human online while hundreds of thousands of people comment “God’s Plan,” a reference to Drake’s recent single and the memes it’s spawned.

This was only beginning.

Drake wants to know if his friends can play

Ninja is clueless at first, but when Drake says his friend Travis wants to play, he means Travis Scott, another super-famous rapper. He also says Lil Yachty wants to join.

Just. A. Normal. Wednesday. Night.

Ninja obviously agrees — this dude is about to join the wildest online party ever — and the two talk a bit about Drake’s new music video. The rapper obliges, but really he just wants to talk about how he just ate a late-night pizza, and, of course, ride the coattails of the blue-haired Fortnite overlord.

Here’s what the Fortnite waiting screen looks like ^ and that’s Ninja

Travis Scott joins

Scott is definitely better than Drake, and proves it in the first game by getting the final kill and making his character throw money in the air.

This is frickin perfect.

Then Travis’ player goes down and needs to be revived in the next game. (I gasp, because I’m really into this by now and my heroes can’t die. NOT LIKE THIS.)

Drake revives him — because of course — and Scott counts down 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... and says “God’s Plan” as his character steps back up.


You couldn’t script this any better.

I am enthralled at this point (somewhere after 2 a.m. ET), and I want to give Fortnite every dollar in my pocket. I just want this night to get even wilder.

It does.

Ninja tells Drake that Logic tweeted at him

Here’s the tweet:

Drake laughs it off and suggest he get a squad together.

That never happens, but another player joins.

Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is online now LMFAO

We’ve ascended through the gates of heaven to an unchartered territory Drake will release a single about by the end of the week. “FortGod”, or something that nature.

Anyway, the now 400,000-person audience witnesses first-hand the ultimate struggle of being really famous. Smith-Schuster, just like Scott earlier, can’t join the game because he’s getting too many friend requests from the half million people watching. Being popular is tough.

It takes 20 minutes or longer to get him hooked up, but the dream team is now assembled: Drake, Scott, Smith-Schuster, and a kid with blue hair named Ninja, who rose from eSports Famous to Everyone On Twitter Knows Him Famous.

Things are getting ridiculous.

Words like “Drake be careful, a storm is coming,” are normal as the clock passes 3 a.m. March 15 has no idea what in the hell changed on March 16.

Every time Drake gets a kill, the comments section blows up with “God’s Plan.”

Drake’s character hides in a plant, and the comments section blows up with “God’s Plant.”

This is a Wednesday night.

Chrissy Teigen is tweeting about livestreaming now, and honestly it’s the 30th biggest thing to happen since midnight.

It’s nearly 5 a.m. ET, and the stream finally concludes, which is a relief to my bloodshot eyes that burn on every wink.

Fortnite rules. Video games rule. Twitch rules. Ninja is supposedly a millionaire. What a night.

Esports are no longer the future. They are the now.