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What’s better: filling out one bracket or a bunch?

More opportunities to win vs. having no dang clue whether an upset is good for you or not

Every March, you are confronted with three choices. Choice one: fill out no bracket and enjoy the tournament as a pure spectator. Choice two: fill out one bracket and commit to it with your whole heart. Choice three: enter so many brackets that you’re positive one of them is statistically likely to win even though no, no it is not.

Which should you go with? Let’s get choice one out of the way. If you went with that, you’re probably not reading this anyways. Then it really comes down to the following factors.

  1. Do you love the opportunity to use a highlighter?
  2. Are you an organized person?
  3. Can you simultaneously process joy and grief?

If you answered yes to all three questions, multiple brackets is the way to go.