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Richard Sherman is going to try to kick the Seahawks’ ass. Buckle up.

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This will be fun.

Richard Sherman has been one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks and smack talkers since he entered the league in 2011. He was one of many faces of the Seahawks organization, and the face of the Legion of Boom.

After his ruptured Achilles last season, it seemed inevitable his time in Seattle was coming to an end. But little did we know his time around the Seahawks wouldn’t be. Sherman signed with the 49ers — negotiating his own contract like a badass — and secured at least two matchups a year with his old team.

He then showed up to his opening press conference in a red suit perfectly complimented with a black shirt, and chain.

Sherman is invincible in this outfit. That whole “look good, feel good” saying? Yeah, he’s living that here. If his outfit didn’t say it loud enough for you, his smile did.

But to go along with his look, that’s also the smile of a man who can’t wait to give it to his old team. It’s similar to the grinning moment of realization for a villain in a cartoon that has come up with a plot they feel cannot fail.

We don’t know how Sherman’s going to play coming off of a torn Achilles. That’s tough to ask anybody to do at any age, really. But if anybody’s going to have the fire to get that done, it’s him.

He wrote in The Players’ Tribune, “Now, a lot of people are out there saying that the only reason I signed with the 49ers is because it means that I’ll get to play against the Seahawks twice a year.

“And I’ll be honest … that’s definitely a perk. I think whenever a team doesn’t want you, it’s your competitive instinct to want to stick it to them and prove them wrong.”

He says that wasn’t the only reason he signed with the 49ers, and you should believe him. But it’s going to fuel him, as will the other motivating factors he lists in his article:

But this whole process has definitely made me more aware of the hate and hypocrisy that’s out there.

You got fans calling me a traitor and burning my jersey when they probably know that if they got fired from their job tomorrow, and a competitor offered them more money, they’d take it in a heartbeat.

You got people out there running their mouths and bashing me for having the audacity to think I’m qualified to negotiate my own contract — like, Who do I think I am?

Well, I’m the one looking out for myself and my family.

Agents negotiate bad deals all the time. And while I don’t think every player should negotiate his own contract — it’s not for everybody — I felt I was up to the task. And whether you think it’s a good deal or a bad deal right now, the incentives give me the potential to make it a great deal over the length of the contract.

So talk to me in three years.

Sherman thanked Seattle, the Seahawks organization, and the 12s for his time there. They had an incredible run that we’re going to talk about for the rest of time.

But Sherman also wants that chapter in his book where he also proves the Seahawks organization wrong. Just imagine the intensity of that first matchup, as Russell Wilson rolls the dice on a Doug Baldwin one-on-one matchup with Sherman.

It will be fun watching him try to write that redemption chapter twice a year for however long he’s in a 49ers uniform.