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Jeff Teague tackled Ricky Rubio, then all hell broke loose

Teague was ejected after unnecessarily body-checking Rubio in the fourth quarter.

Jeff Teague was assessed a flagrant foul two and was subsequently ejected from the game after shoulder tackling Ricky Rubio in transition during the Timberwolves’ matchup against the Jazz on Friday. The flagrant came one possession after Teague and head coach Tom Thibodeau felt Rubio’s defense on a drive warranted a foul.

Nobody saw Teague’s shove coming, and he was tossed shortly after Karl-Anthony Towns was ejected for a questionable technical foul.

Jae Crowder was the first to come to Rubio’s defense. He rolled up on Teague and grabbed him before officials had to separate the two:

That led to a verbal spat between Crowder and Thibodeau, who eventually had to be separated. They were assessed double technical fouls.

The Wolves may be without Jimmy Butler, out four-to-six weeks with a torn meniscus, but he came to his teammate’s aid shortly after on Twitter:

And look at how Crowder responded:

If these two teams meet in the playoffs, things could get very, very interesting.