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The NFL Combine’s 20 best moments ever

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Yeah, it’s just Shaquem Griffin benching 225 pounds over and over with a prosthetic left arm.

Here are the 20 greatest moments in NFL Combine history.

20. UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin applying a prosthetic left arm so he could participate in the 225-pound bench press drill.

Griffin lost his hand at age 4 due to a congenital birth defect, then went on to become 2016 AAC Defensive Player of the Year and the Defensive MVP of UCF’s Peach Bowl win over Auburn.

19. Griffin’s second rep.

He’s been lifting for years like any other elite athlete. His father built him custom equipment, expecting Shaquem to get in just as much work as his twin, Seahawks DB Shaquil Griffin. Once the brothers arrived at UCF, the Knights gave him a prosthetic.

18. Griffin’s third rep.

17. Fourth rep.

Yeah, he was a beast in college, too. Ask Auburn!

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Auburn v Central Florida Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

16. Fifth rep.

15. Six.

14. Griffin later said he was hoping to do six, so let’s hear it for seven!

13. Eight.

12. Nine. Around here, you can really hear the other linebackers cheering him along.

11. Ten!

Here he is battling for a loose ball against Memphis, while we’re here:

10. Griffin said his personal best entering Combine training was 11, and there goes 11.

9. Twelve.

8. Thirteen.

7. Fourteen, or the absolute most Griffin said he’d been hoping to pull off.

6. Fifteen, at which point Griffin exceeded even his highest expectations for himself.

5. That time 227-pound Griffin officially benched more than two offensive linemen at his NFL Combine, including 345-pounder Orlando Brown. Griffin then did the same to nine more big guys.

He later said passing 16 made 20 his new goal.

4. Seventeen.

3. Eighteen, putting him ahead of three other linebackers, with more to go.

2. Nineteen, surpassing two defensive linemen at this Combine, and we’re not done yet.

1. Watch all 20:

Here’s another fun fact: nine of the 10 linebackers who benched 225 more times than Griffin also weigh more than him, meaning pound-for-pound, he had one of the best upper-body strength showings of anybody at his position, prosthetic or otherwise.