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Jaylen Brown walks off court after scary fall onto his head and shoulder

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We’re hoping Brown is OK after this nasty looking fall.

Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown scarily crashed to the floor after a dunk on Thursday but left the floor under his own power. He’s under the NBA’s concussion protocol and will be transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation, per reports.

Fortunately, he’s in good spirits.

The play happened on a fast break in the third quarter. As Brown took the ball the length of the court and dunked, his hands slipped off the rim and he landed on his upper back, right shoulder, and head. Brown stayed down looking dazed on the court for a minute before getting up and walking back to the locker room.

It looked like Brown might have landed or injured his right arm in the fall, too. Here’s video of the play.

Warning: the video below isn’t grotesque or graphic, but it’s still tough to watch.

Brown is the Celtics’ second-leading scorer playing his second year in the league. Unfortunately, the two-handed dunk can occasionally become one of the more dangerous plays in the league, just like we witnessed with his. A player’s momentum is headed forwards, and if the hands slip off, then there’s little they can do.

If his tweet is any indication, it seems like Brown should be fine, thankfully.