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Heat vs. 76ers Game 2 results: Dwyane Wade leads Miami for huge road win


NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Heat came out strong in Game 2 with Goran Dragic scoring a quick six points and taking control early. But as quickly as he scored those six points, he also picked up two fouls, forcing him to the bench early in the first quarter. The silver lining was that it forced Dwyane Wade into the game early and we got to see vintage Dwyane Wade at least one more time.

Every time it felt like the Sixers were ready to make a run and take the game over, Wade and the Heat responded. Whether it was a Kelly Olynyk rebound, or a James Johnson strong take to the basket, or a contested long two-pointer from Wade. They responded every single time.

The Sixers will surely be ready to get Embiid back after giving this game away. And it’s still hard to see how Miami will be able to stop him, especially since Philly only shot 20 perecent from behind the arc on Monday. But in Game 2 it was all Miami and it was all Dwyane Wade. Something this young Sixers team had never experienced before.

Heat 113, Sixers 103 - FINAL

Literally all I can say is Dwyane Wade. 28 points and a gorgeous vintage performance.

Heat 104, Sixers 96 - 2:25 4Q

The Sixers got within two and it felt completely over for Miami and then ... DWYANE WADE HAPPENED. AGAIN. The steal and the slam.

Heat 93, Sixers 87 - 8:24 4Q

Here comes Philly. Dario Saric leads the Sixers with 21 points and Wells Fargo Center is back into this game.

And as I was typing this Ben Simmons threw down a breakaway dunk.

Heat 81, Sixers 67 - 1:52 3Q


Heat 71, Philly 59 - 5:46 3Q

Philly came out ready to take this thing over but Miami has a response for every Sixers run.

Heat 56, Sixers 42 - Halftime

An 18-2 run by Miami.
21 points from Dwyane Wade.
A 12 point lead at the half for Miami.

Heat 50, Sixers 39 - 2:25 2Q

This is Miami’s biggest lead of the series so far!

Heat 38, Sixers 31 - 5:40 2Q

Dwyane Wade goes on scoring 15 points and giving Miami a much needed boost. The energy I mentioned in Wells Fargo Center earlier? It’s a bit quiet now. Goran Dragic also just checked out as that entire run happened while he was on the bench with foul trouble.

Heat 30, Sixers 29 - 8:31 2Q


Sixers 29, Heat 22 - End of 1Q

Dwyane Wade checked in and gave Miami a quick six points, which was huge because it felt like this was truly slipping away for the Heat. If there was one play to sum up the first quarter for Philly ... it was this crazy transition three-pointer from Marco Belenilli.

Sixers 23, Heat 16 - 2:44 1Q

This already feels like its slipping away from Miami and this certainly isn’t helping.

Sixers 13, Heat 11 - 5:18 1Q

Miami went 4-of-5 from the floor to start the game and have gone 1-9 since. Explains why the Sixers have just taken their first lead of the game.

And we have a Kevin Hart sighting!

Heat 11, Sixers 8 - 7:25 1Q

It’s loud as humanly possible in Wells Fargo Center even though Miami has been off to a hot start. The problem for Miami is that while Goran Dragic came out and scored a quick six points and he also picked up two extremely quick fouls. He’ll have to sit for quite a while now.


The Sixers had a moment of silence before Game 2 to honor the passing of Sixers great Hal Greer.

The Philadelphia 76ers laid waste to the Miami Heat in the first round of the 2018 NBA playoffs, and will try for a 2-0 series lead on Monday. The 76ers ride a 17-game winning streak into Game 2, which will begin at 8 p.m. ET on TNT (live streaming via or the TNT App on various devices).

Philadelphia, a young, aggressive team, controlled the pace and every aspect of their first meeting with Miami, a grinding team that could not grind the 76ers. At least in Game 1. They’ll try and slow Philadelphia down again on Monday, but there are several key contributors and keeping up with all of them is a tall order for the sixth-seeded Heat.

JJ Reddick had 28 points, including hitting 4-of-6 from range. Marco Belinelli had 25 points and 33 minutes off the bench, and also hit four 3-pointers. Ben Simmons, in his playoff debut, had 17 points, 14 assists and nine rebounds.

Kelly Olynyk had 26 points for the Heat, who had the lead at the half, but were out-scored 34-18 in the third quarter. The Sixers took that game by a wide margin — 130-103 — and many believe they will keep rolling on Monday.

It’s all about pacing and momentum for the 76ers at this point. If they can hit the ground running in Game 2, and the Heat have no immediate answer, they just might take a 2-0 series lead. They have to hit the ground running and carry the same kind of intensity they had in the first outing.

How to watch Heat vs. 76ers Game 2

Date: Monday, April 16

Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Time: 8 p.m. ET


Online Streaming:, TNT App