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Bryce Harper just clocked a home run with a gosh darn BROKEN BAT

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Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more unreal.

Bryce Harper is unreal. At this point in his career he’s pretty firmly established himself as unreal at the plate and in most of the other things he does too. So for the rest of his career it’s just a question of how unreal he can be and he seems intent on one-upping himself any time he can.

With seven home runs on the year already, Harper came to the plate against the Mets in the first inning Monday night and hit another one. “Well he does that all the time” you say. “He’s a dinger machine once he gets on a roll” you say.

All true, but for this home run he did something that you might see only a handful of times in an entire life of baseball watching.

He hit a ball 406 dang feet (a purely scientific measurement) and all that was left in his hands when it was over was a fraction of his bat. A single shard, with the rest flying through the air after he made contact.

There’s not many things that feel actually unfeasible to accomplish in sports, and yes other players have done it before so that’s why it doesn’t feel completely impossible to watch this happen, but a broken bat homer is one of them. 406 feet! And it looked like he was cosplaying as Buffy the Vampire Slayer after the hit.

Harper rounded the bases and walked off the field as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. If he keeps hitting home runs like this, we’ll keep being astonished, but all I’m saying is maybe someone should also test him for the X-Gene just to be safe.

Because WOW.